When I am making a sculpture, I try to give a different image of something we can see in our everyday life. I work with unpolished materials, like wood, stone, corroded metal, building materials like PUR foam, plaster, paint from pressurised containers and other existing objects. I am looking for materials that that contradict and are not normally used together. All these different expressions and atmospheres amalgamate in my projects.

My work is regarded as vibrant and colourful. The reason for this may be the fluorescent or metalcoloured paint I use and the twisting forms of the PUR foam. I am primarily interested in shapes and colours. My drive is to give a new meaning to materials that are without soul and have little value in themselves and use them in a sculpture that catches the eye and the mind.


Artibus sculpture art and design UCK- Utrecht 1997-1999
The Plantage - centre of art – Tiel 2000-2005
De Nieuwe Akademie Utrecht 2005-2010


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